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Does your birthday fall between February 19th and March 20th? If so, congratulations, you’re a Pisces! So what does this mean? Your astrological sign says a lot about you and who you are, and for the Pisces, one normally falls under being very creative and complex. However, Pisces is also known as being a very sensitive sign, meaning you more than likely have a strong emotional side to you as well. This is something that presents the need for an extra layer of protection and taking measures to ensure you keep yourself grounded and emotionally balanced. How can you achieve this? One of the most beautiful things about the earth we live on is it’s ability to grow such beautiful and powerful tools that we can put to such beneficial use… crystals. If the right crystals are used, they can be extremely beneficial for Pisces. To help you know what crystals are best for Pisces and that you should be sure to add to your collection, I’ve put together this list of 7 of the best crystals for Pisces.


1. Amethyst

Not only is Amethyst the traditional birthstone of Pisces, but being known as a sensitive astrological sign, it is also very beneficial aiding as a protection crystal for Pisces on top of it. As Pisces may find themselves naturally drawn to it, Amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals for helping to ground and protect.


2. Black Tourmaline

Also known for it’s protective properties, black tourmaline not only also aids in protection for Pisces, but can also help to ward off negative thoughts and energy that may be directed from others. Black Tourmaline is also known to help ground you when you may be feeling a little stuck inside your own head, and with Pisces being more sensitive and emotional than other signs may be, this can be extremely helpful.


3. Bloodstone

What’s something that any person struggling with their emotions can use? Balance. This is exactly what Bloodstone helps bring for Pisces, as it can help balance out emotions when feeling overwhelmed.


4. Clear Quartz

Finding yourself heading into the direction of the healing profession? For Pisces who choose to work in some form of healing, in whatever way or manner that may be, clear quartz is a very fitting crystal to make use of. As clear quartz is known for it’s power to heal, it helps to purify and cleanse the energy of Pisces body, as well as uplift the soul. It can also help to uncover answers you may seek and discover your purpose much more clearly.


5. Labradorite

Not only extremely beneficial for Pisces alone, but to all water signs in general, Labradorite is known for it’s strong ability to help in dealing with strong or overwhelming emotional situations by helping keep emotions under control and balancing them out.


6. Aquamarine

Other than balance and grounding, what’s something else that can very much help the emotional state and stability of Pisces? Support, and this is exactly what Aquamarine can do, as this crystal helps in supporting everything that you do. Balancing emotional sensitivity, this crystal will provide a sense of calming energy for Pisces.


7. Bloodstone

With sensitivity, comes the stronger possibility and opportunity for the negative energy of others to be absorbed by Pisces. Bloodstone not only helps to protect against this, but also helps to destress and let positive light and energy shine through.


Although these may just be some of the many crystals that can be beneficial for Pisces, they are most definitely some of the best choices to ensure you have and make use of! Curious what other crystals may be of benefit to you and for your specific life situations? Schedule a psychic reading with me! Whether it be a reading done over the phone or in person at my shop, I can help not only get you the answers you desire, but also provide you with the guidance and advice you need to know the best directions to go in and tools to help you achieve all personal goals. Browse all psychic readings I offer and schedule a reading with me today right here on my website in just a matter of minutes!