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Have you ever wondered if you’re an empath? Maybe there’s that one or few traits you have that has left you wondering if it could be something more than that simply being a quirk or trait of yours. You may feel that you have a deep intuition and understanding of the feelings and energies of those around you, or maybe you find yourself completely drained after being in a crowd of people. If so, you may be an empath. However, there’s a lot more to being an empath than just having a heightened sensitivity for other people’s energy and emotions. So what are some other ways of knowing that you could be an empath? Here’s a list of 15 signs you may be an empath!


15 Signs You May Be an Empath

  1. You have good intuition and you know things- Empaths have a way of just knowing things and it’s unquestionable. They also have the ability to know things by reading people without any obvious cues or things to give whatever it is being known away.
  2. and when you do know something, you know it. There is no question or even the slightest doubt that what you know when you do know something is wrong.
  3. Feel drained by crowds and after being around a large amount of people? That’s a sign you’re an empath!
  4. You’re able to actually sense and feel the pain and suffering of others.
  5. Because of your ability to feel the pain and suffering of others, it’s difficult for you not to care and you often want to and will help other people.
  6. Ever feel like people are always telling you things, all of their problems, and their deepest, darkest secrets? This is a sign you may be an empath, as empaths tend to create a safe, nurturing feeling for others that compels them to trust you and tell you everything.
  7. You don’t even have to ever speak to someone and yet, you still have a very clear understanding of their energy and emotional state.
  8. You may often find yourself to have a natural strong sense of either being repelled by or drawn to someone.
  9. Empaths LOVE nature… so if you’re a nature lover, it could be more than just your love for trees and the great outdoors… it could very well be a sign that you’re an empath!
  10. It’s difficult to surprise you. You have a sense of authenticity, and because of this, you are very rarely shocked or surprised by anything.
  11. There’s no getting anything past you! You always know not only when someone is lying, but also the reason behind the lie they are telling.
  12. You’re a peacemaker, the one that everyone is always turning to during a dispute and are the one that is always helping solve those problems.
  13. Other people’s emotions can often throw you off and interrupt your own personal thoughts and feelings.
  14. You’re not only sensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings, but you also have a high sensitivity to sounds, smells, and sensations.
  15. You often need time to yourself to recharge. Having that heightened sensitivity to other people’s feelings and emotions is draining, which is why you may often find yourself fatigued and needing time to recharge.


Now these aren’t every potential sign out there that you could be an empath. There are literally TONS of different signs and ways to figure out if you’re an empath, however, these 15 signs are some of the top ones to look out for if you suspect you’re an empath. Want to find out for sure if you’re an empath? Schedule a psychic reading with me and let me help you! I can help you discover whether or not you truly are an empath, so head on over to the schedule now page to book your phone reading or in person reading with me in just a matter of a few clicks!