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Well, it’s just around the corner… the one thing I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been waiting all year for… for 2020 to finally come to an end!! In just a few weeks we’ll officially be leaving 2020 behind and entering into the new year! However, just because the year changes on the calendar from 2020 to 2021, doesn’t always necessarily mean we’re leaving behind all of the stuff we’ve had to deal with in 2020 either. We all have hopes for a MUCH better year come 2021 than the year we had this year… but what does 2021 really have in store for us? One of the absolute best ways to get the answer to that question and find out what the future holds for you in 2021 is with the help of a psychic reading! What all can a psychic reading tell you about your future in 2021? Well I’m glad you asked, because that’s exactly why I’ve put together this list of 22 things a psychic reading will tell you about your future come the new year!


22 Things a Psychic Reading Will Tell You About Your Future in 2021

Love & Relationships

  • If you’re going to meet someone or find the one
  • If your relationship is going to be taken to the next level – Will he propose/you get engaged? Will ya’ll move in together? Will you get married?
  • Having marriage problems? A psychic reading will tell you if your marriage will make it over the course of the new year.
  • Find out if the future of your relationship in 2021 is bright or not. Will your relationship last or is 2021 the year it’ll end?
  • Is there a pregnancy in the future for you this year?
  • Will you actually get to have your wedding this year after everything in 2020 with the coronavirus?
  • Will you and your ex get back together in 2021? and if so, will you actually end up staying together this time or will it end in another breakup?
  • Will I finally get over my ex and be able to move on to try and meet someone else in 2021?


Career & Money

  • When/will you find a new job this year?
  • Are there going to be any major changes in your career path in 2021?
  • Will you finally get that promotion at work or a raise?
  • Will you finally have some financial relief and a financial comeback after the struggles financially that came with 2020?
  • Are there any major and/or exciting purchases in the future for you in 2021? Such as buying a new house, a new car, making an investment, or any other major purchases you may be hoping for in the near future?
  • Are you finally going to take the leap and start that new business or venture you’ve been thinking about?
  • Will your new business or venture be successful?
  • Will you find success in a new career path or change you’re looking to make in your career in 2021?


Health & Happiness

  • Will I and/or my family be safe from coronavirus throughout 2021?
  • Are there any major health problems or setbacks I should look out for in 2021 for myself or loved ones?
  • How can I improve my overall health and happiness in 2021?
  • Will I finally be genuinely happy in 2021?
  • What should I be paying more attention to with my current health to avoid any health issues in 2021?
  • What major changes in my life are heading my way in 2021 that’ll effect my overall health and happiness?


Now, these 22 things I’ve listed here of course aren’t the only things you can uncover about your future in 2021 during a psychic reading. The possibilities for all of the different questions you could get the answers to and different things you could gain insight to throughout 2021 are endless, and more than likely can all be answered during a psychic reading no matter what it is you want to know about the new year. Start 2021 off right with the answers, guidance, and insight you need to make it a great year! Schedule a psychic reading with me now and let’s see what your future looks like in 2021! I provide both phone psychic readings, as well as in person readings here at the Psychic Chakra Spa in Ladson, SC, so regardless of whether you’re local to the Charleston, SC area or not, I can still provide you with your reading over the phone. Schedule your reading now in just a matter of a few clicks!