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  • Citrine Quartz Silver Jewelry Set

  • Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster


    Clear quartz is probably the most popular crystal of all healing, and a common choice when starting a new collection.

    Clear quartz healing crystal cluster: medium size

    Average size of clear quartz crystals: 3 in. x 2 in.
    *Note: the actual size of crystals will vary slightly from crystal to crystal, as dimensions for all are not exact.

  • Complete Chakra Gift Set

    Gift set includes:
    • The set of 7 chakra oils
    • A set of chakra stones
    • Chakra bracelet
    Good for opening up the chakra points and helps with peaceful meditation.
  • Complete Chakra Kit


    Included in the Complete Chakra Kit:

    • 7 Chakra Stones
    • Handmade Incense
    • 1 Bottle of Essential Oil with Scent of Your Choice
  • Dangling Citrine Quartz Crystal Earrings and Necklace

  • Essential Oil

  • Gift Set


    Give mom the perfect gift this Mother’s Day with one of our Mother’s Day gift sets! Each set includes:

    • A pair of crystal earrings
    • Essential oil
    • Incense
    • A complete set of the 7 chakra stones
  • Gold Amethyst Crystal Bracelet

  • Gold Amethyst Crystal Jewelry Set: Earrings and Necklace