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Dangling Citrine Quartz Crystal Earrings and Necklace



This jewelry set was perfectly handcrafted, featuring Citrine, which is a beautiful Variety of quartz (silicon dioxide). Each piece was created with a silver base that all pieces of Citrine crystal are held in place by. The colors of the quartz crystal in the jewelry is complimented very nicely by the silver, and together, display in a magnificent look unlike any other.
The jewelry set includes a pair of silver and Citrine crystal danging earrings and a necklace; with each piece, silver chains dangle from the center that feature small pieces of Citrine crystal attached at the ends. These pieces were designed to hang while worn to catch the eye of anyone that may see them, and create a gorgeous look unlike any other.

The Citrine crystal within these pieces of jewelry actually stimulates creative thinking and inspiration. You’ll notice that these pieces free the mind of limitations, help turn ideas into reality, and support hormone balance in the body and overall health to enhance physical vitality. The Citrine quartz crystal also lifts depression, and helps to open the mind up to a more positive outlook and thought process.

How to use
In healing layouts, place on the forehead to increase creative inspiration, or over the solar plexus area to clear tension from the upper abdomen.

Personal uses
Place in your personal space to bring good fortune and abundance or meditate with a piece of natural citrine for mental clarity.


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