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Creating your own meditation space in your home is not only a fun DIY project, but a great way to create a space for you to relax and focus while meditating. However, what all do you need to build your own meditation room or space? Although there are literally endless possibilities and options when it comes to different pieces of furniture, décor, and items to include in your meditation space, there are some things that are essential to have. Here are 7 essentials to include in your meditation space!


1. Incense and essential oils

This one is a no brainer. One of the most important of the 5 senses to include in your meditation space is scent. Using incense and essential oils while meditating is a standard practice, and for many reasons. Be sure to have incense and essential oils supplied in your meditation space to ensure you have what you need to create a calm, soothing, and relaxing aroma while meditating.


2. Light

Allow natural light into your meditation space, and also incorporate light through candles or tea lights to help create a calm and relaxing environment.


3. Comfort & Cushion

It’s important to create a sense of comfort in your meditation space. To ensure you’re comfortable while meditating, incorporate a meditation cushion, pillows, yoga mat or a comfy chair to sit on. However, although having somewhere comfortable to sit and relax in your space is important, it’s also essential that you remember not to overdo it with furniture or any other pieces in your space. You don’t want to clutter up your meditation space with too much stuff, so be sure to also make sure your space remains clutter-free, worry-free, and open.


4. Crystals

If you know me at all, you should know that this would definitely be on the list of meditation space essentials! Aside from the numerous healing powers and benefits that come with all of the different crystals out there, but crystals all encompass a ton of meditation benefits (and should always be used while meditating) and will even help with making your space look really pretty as well!


5. Sound

Meditation music helps to bring your senses to a deeper awareness and state in meditation, and is essential to incorporate into your meditations! There are a ton of resources and places to find great meditation music, such as iTunes, YouTube, CDs and endless numbers of different meditation tracks out there.


6. Nature

Incorporating elements of nature such as plants into your meditation space will help promote the natural feeling that comes with meditating. Plus, adding nature into your space will also aid in creating a calm, natural environment with a sense of fresh air. A peace lily, Boston ferns, and fortune plants are all great examples of some plants you can add to your space.


7. Sight

While still being sure not to go too flashy or over the top, you should still incorporate something visual in your meditation space. Something such as a peaceful image or beautiful design, a piece of art or decoration that acts as a symbol serving as a reminder for why you’re there. Try to find and think of visual elements to decorate your space with and incorporate that is calming, brings you peace, or has significant meaning to you.