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Stress and anxiety are sometimes inevitable in life because living in itself comes with many hurdles and highlights. Even though turning to wellness practices, including prayers and meditation could go a long way to reduce stress and anxiety, the power of healing crystals can never be overemphasized. That said, there exists hundreds of crystals that can heal stress, but this article will however focus on just seven of them which shall be seen in the subsequent paragraphs;

1. Kyanite

Kyanite is a powdery blue gem which is highly recommended for spiritual wellness. As a matter of fact, Kyanite is an excellent stone for meditation, which instantly aligns the body’s chakras. This crystal actually helps in releasing unwanted feelings, including frustration, anger, fear, etc, thereby helping us connect with our own higher wisdom. Kyanite doesn’t hold on negativity, hence, its ideal for stress and anxiety relief.


2. Moonstone

Moonstone is an amazing crystal for mothers who are too stressed out. This stone actually enhances fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and everything related to motherhood. Aside from balancing the female hormones, the Moonstone is also powerful for stabilizing emotions, relieving stress as well as heightening intuition. You can therefore meditate with this stone whenever you are feeling off kilter.


3. Rose quartz

The crystal, Rose Quartz is generally known as the stone for unconditional love since it attracts and inspires love in all forms. Of course, it is apparent that it’s hard to remember to care for one’s self when stressed out. However, this crystal will promote both self-love as well as emotional harmony. Thus, you can always keep a piece of Rose Quartz wherever it can be easily seen as it will remind you to create some ‘me time’.


4. Howlite

Howlite is the crystal that remedies sleeping disorders. Of course, we all know that lack of sleep is a serious contributing factor to stress. Nevertheless, Howlite will solve sleep related problems, especially insomnia, which is caused by an overactive mind. Besides, Howlite helps in resolving anger issues and equally teaches wisdom and patience. You simply need to tuck it in your pocket and it will shield you from negativity from others while simultaneously absorbing your own feelings of anger.


5. Sodalite

Sodalite is another powerful crystal that works against stress and anxiety. Sodalite actually helps in calming the mind and easing attack. This assertion can however be explained by the fact that Sodalite carries comforting energy that prevents us from being too emotional. Besides, Sodalite also works against nervousness, thereby stimulating self-confidence and self-expression. Thus, if you are always feeling anxious or finding difficulties in expressing yourself, you should always tuck a piece of Sodalite in your purse.


6. Himalayan Rock Salt

The Himalayan salt rock also helps against stress as it detoxes the body thereby removing negative energy. This crystal is actually made with minerals that are needed by our bodies to ease both sore and tense muscles. Merely sampling this salt in a warm bath will release emotional stress, improve sleeping patterns and keep you feeling grounded.


7. Shungite

Above all, shungite also helps against stress, especially stress that results from using phones and other electronics. Recall that phones and other electronics have become a necessity in today’s world. Shungite, which is also known to invoke miracles, acts as a shield from the electrical magnetic fields emitted by computers, phones and other electronic devices. It is however imperative to note that Shungite is highly recommended in stressful environments such as the workplace. Thus, you simply need to place a piece on your desk, in your handbag, or even in your car. Rest assured Shungite will guard you against harmful energy.