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One of the top things we all search for and need in this life is our soulmate. We all have one, and although finding your soulmate isn’t always the easiest thing, you’ll finally feel complete once you do. Your soulmate is your other half, the person you go through this journey of life with, the person who loves and supports you through everything, and they’re the one you’ll always know you can turn to and count on. To find your soulmate though, how do you know if your significant other is the one? Here are 31 signs that you’ve found your soulmate.


Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

  1. You just know it. Listen to your gut and don’t ignore your intuition when it’s telling you that you’ve met your soulmate, as chances are it’s right.
  2. It just feels natural when you’re with them and you feel a sense of calm, peace, and at home when you’re together.
  3. You balance each other out and feel complete when you’re with them. You both have parts of you that the other doesn’t, and when combined together, makes a whole person.
  4. You respect one another’s differences and don’t let them affect your relationship or how you view each other.
  5. Whether you actually connected or not at the time, you’ve crossed paths before at some point in your life.
  6. Your relationship goes deeper than just lovers, they’re also your best friend.
  7. Their happiness becomes more important to you than your own happiness.
  8. You’re both on the same page when it comes to the important things in life and share the same life goals.
  9. You always know what they’re thinking even when they aren’t saying their thoughts out loud. Soulmates have a deep connection where they’re able to feel and hear the other one’s thoughts, regardless of verbally communicating them.
  10. You compliment each other’s flaws, recognizing them and working together to make each other better.
  11. To help bring out the best in you, you both challenge each other and push one another a little harder to become the best you can be.
  12. You feel each other’s pain and share each other’s feelings: happiness, joy, sadness, stress, and worry.
  13. Not only does the timing just feel right for you to meet and be with your soulmate, but you both also happen to meet each other and/or get together at the right time for each of you as an individual.
  14. You respect each other’s need for alone time and aren’t threatened by it.
  15. You’re able to 100% be yourself when you’re around them. Your true soulmate will love you for who you are, all the good and all the bad, all the weirdness and quirks you may have, and every little thing that makes you who you are.
  16. They totally get you. You feel like they completely understand who you are, what you value most, and what you’re about.
  17. Jealousy isn’t a thing and you feel secure knowing that you’re the only one for them even when there are other attractive people around.
  18. You both fight and work hard for the relationship by making compromises, working through issues, and working on yourself to be a better person for the other.
  19. Knowing all of their flaws, you still accept and love them the same, if not even more because of them, without ever questioning any of them.
  20. You’re constantly rooting for one another and you’re each other’s biggest fans. A win for one of you is a win for the other, and you’re just as excited as they are anytime they have big, good news.
  21. Your communication with one another is on point and you don’t ever feel threatened by tough conversations.
  22. There’s never any cursing, screaming, or threatening of any type to one another when you’re angry. Everyone feels anger at times, but soulmates aren’t nasty and intentionally hurtful to the other when they’re angry.
  23. There’s no doubt that the physical aspect of your relationship is amazing and you have intense chemistry with one another.
  24. You’re able to voice your opinion, no matter what it be on, without feeling scared of doing so or having to worry about offending the other if you do.
  25. You want to make them happy so you give in at times when needed to do so. You both give to each other for the soul purpose of making the other one happy.
  26. You simply just want to be around each other, no matter what it is you’re doing. Fancy dates and big adventures aren’t needed every time you’re together, as just simply being with one another is enough.
  27. You have no problem apologizing to them and know when you need to apologize. Regardless of what the situation is and whether or not something you’ve said or done was justified in any way or not, you still recognize when you’ve hurt them and apologize for it anyways.
  28. You both whole heartedly listen to one another and know exactly what to say or do in response to listening to them.
  29. You’d do it all over again and marry each other again. Even in the toughest of times, you still choose them and would always choose them again.
  30. They take all of your stress away, and at the end of the day, you always know you have someone loving and supportive to come home to.
  31. Lastly, there is no doubt at all in your mind that you feel like you were meant to spend your lives together.


If this all sounds like you and your significant other, then congratulations, you’re more than likely with your soulmate! Still have questions about your soulmate? Such as, is the person you’re with really the one and truly your soulmate? When will you meet your soulmate? Or any other questions at all you may be wondering about your soulmate? Get the answers and find out with a psychic reading! I can answer all of your questions and tell you if you’re with your soulmate or not. Just schedule a psychic reading with me and I can help you out. I offer my psychic readings both over the phone and in person, so regardless of location, I can be of help and get you the answers you seek.