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Anyone that knows me, has had a reading with me before, or that follows me on social media knows the love I have for healing crystals. I’m constantly preaching about how amazing they are, the many ways they can help us, and why we need them in our lives. But why should you have and use healing crystals? Like, what are some of the main reasons for having healing crystals in your life? Here are 10 reasons why you need healing crystals in your life!


10 Reasons You Need Healing Crystals

#1) For their protective qualities: one of the main things crystals are known for is their ability to help protect you from harm’s way and negative energy. Crystals not only possess the positive energy that so often attracts us to them, but they also help to shield against negative energy of all types and areas within our lives. Ward off evil, attract the good!

#2) Love; not only do crystals promote self-love and help you to love yourself more, but are also known to help enhance romantic feelings in your relationships with others. Crystals like citrine and rose quartz are great examples of crystals to turn to when you seek to obtain the love in your life that you so strongly desire.

#3) Positive energy only please! In reference to #1 on this list and on the other side of it, one of the main reasons for healing crystals and one of the top qualities they hold is the positive energy they have and help attract in your life. No one wants negative energy filling their life, and healing crystals can help to fill your life with the positive energy you need and desire.

#4) Healing crystals have the ability to help us connect more with nature. Since crystals are part of the earth, they naturally have a way of helping you connect more with the earth. Disconnect from the screens we’re all so consumed by for a little bit and connect more with nature and your surroundings with the help of crystals.
“Crystals have been part of the earth since the beginning of time, so even if they’re new to your world, you’re not new to theirs,” -Askinosie

#5) Something we all need and should work to achieve and maintain in our life… balance. Healing crystals help do just that, as one of their primary uses is to help aid in balancing of the chakras and the energy within our mind, body, and spirit. Crystals are a MUST HAVE when it comes to balancing your chakras and maintaining a balanced chakra system.

#6) Utilize crystals for their healing properties and you won’t be disappointed. It says it right in their name… healing crystals. This is what they do and are meant to do, is heal, and through a wide variety of ways they do just that. The list of ways that healing crystals can actually heal someone and different things they can help heal is extensive, but alone should be one of the very reasons you have and use crystals.

#7) To help with work, attract money and success, and to promote mental clarity. Through meditation, using healing crystals can help you at work by helping to detox from screens and the stress that comes with work. By meditating with healing crystals to destress and detox, you’ll then achieve mental clarity, thus, helping you to focus on your professional career and work to achieve success and financial rewards from it.

#8) Happiness. The one thing we all want and aim to have in our life is happiness, and with healing crystals you can have just that. Your desire for a truly happy life can be obtained through the many benefits that come with using healing crystals.

#9) We all want it, and when we get it, it’s the best feeling! You know what I’m talking about… good luck of course! Who couldn’t use a stroke of good luck every now and then? To help promote and attract good luck in your life, crystals are a great place to start.

#10) Lastly, healing crystals not only help to protect, but also detoxify your home. By placing healing crystals around your home, they help to ground and provide balance within your home, as well as protect it from the outside when placed by the entrances. Further more, they can also help to remove and keep out negative energy.


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