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Kyanite Quartz Crystal and Silver Bracelet



This kyanite crystal and silver bracelet serves much more of a purpose than just a pretty piece of jewelry. It actually holds elements within the kyanite that helps spread healing energy throughout the body and allowing positive vibration throughout the mind.

Kyanite Crystal
Physical / emotional uses
Works like a conductor, helping energy move through the body, taking out negativity and bringing in positive vibration. Kyanite crystal erases away old mental and emotional blocks, and enables a new perspective. It also helps to achieve and enhance psychic abilities, while even helping to heal broken bones by directing healing energy through the trauma site.

Healing effects
Place over a trauma site to ease the flow of healing energy. You can also place over the solar plexus chakra to bring upper and lower chakra into alignment as a true energy conduit, or place over the third eye to enhance psychic awareness.

Personal uses
Wear over the chest to keep energy flowing smoothly throughout the system.


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