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Many do not know that there are actually tons of benefits that come from meditation other than balancing the chakras. Meditation benefits range from those benefiting the mind, health and body, soul and spirit. Such benefits of meditation are actually scientifically proven as well, as numerous of scientific studies have been done on the benefits of meditation, both physical and mental.

As I strongly encourage regular use of meditation to help balance and maintain the seven chakras, I can’t help but emphasize the wide variety of additional benefits you can experience and take from meditating as well. To help you better understand all that can be gained from meditating regularly, I’ve put together this ultimate list of meditation benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.


Meditation Benefits of the Mind

  1. Lessens worry and anxiety
  2. Increases awareness and relaxation
  3. Increases mental strength and focus
  4. Better cognitive skills and enhances creative thinking
  5. Improves your mood and emotional intelligence
  6. Reduces and helps relieve depression
  7. Increases and enhances the ability for the brain to generate gamma waves
  8. Enhances your ability to work under stress
  9. Improves information processing and decision making
  10. Helps you to ignore distractions and manage ADHD
  11. Improves the memory and learning capabilities
  12. Improves your overall psychological well being
  13. Increases job satisfaction
  14. Establishes a calm mind
  15. Improves communication
  16. Improves your mood and behavior by increased production of serotonin
  17. Improves emotional stability
  18. Provides you with more mental power during the day
  19. Helps to create and establish positive social connections
  20. Reduces mood swings

Meditation Benefits of the Body

  1. Increases energy by helping you gain an inner source of energy
  2. Helps to reduce alcohol and substance abuse
  3. Stronger levels of pain tolerance: makes you feel less pain and even reduces pain and suffering by 90%, relieving pain better than morphine
  4. Reduces blood pressure and decreases inflammatory disorders
  5. Restores balanced function to the digestive system
  6. Relieves muscle tension
  7. Diminishes the intensity of headaches and migranes
  8. Relieves insomnia
  9. Helps with losing and maintaining weight
  10. Strengthens the immune system
  11. Increases tolerance for exercise
  12. Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering levels of blood lactate
  13. Improves sleep by helping to provide a deeper sleep and more hours each night
  14. Improves your breathing and heart rate
  15. Improves your body’s metabolism
  16. Reduces aging and helps you age healthily
  17. Helps with prevention of smoking and emotional eating
  18. Helps you to fight against diseases
  19. Helps to be more physically alert and active

Meditation Benefits of the Spirit

  1. Balances the body’s chakras
  2. Helps to prepare you for dealing with life’s stressful events
  3. Helps to create loving, harmonious relationships
  4. Increases optimism and happiness
  5. Increases life satisfaction
  6. Frees the mind of internal chatter and self-doubt
  7. Releases fears
  8. Gives you a sense of purpose
  9. Improves your outlook on life
  10. Provides you with better clarity
  11. Rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul
  12. Provides better developed intuition
  13. Creates a greater sense of confidence, self-esteem, and self-acceptance
  14. Helps one with getting rich both materialistically and non-materialistically
  15. Gives you the power to control your thoughts
  16. Helps you to understand your anger, sex, lust, love and ego
  17. Aids in helping you find out the truth of life
  18. Helps to know the mysteries of enlightenment
  19. Helps one to live like a lotus
  20. Increases compassion
  21. Brings harmony to your life
  22. Increases your levels of trust
  23. Decreases feelings of lonliness
  24. Develops a more forgiving personality
  25. Establishes unity with your consciousness