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Love… the one thing in life we all desire, sought after most, and treasure when we have it. Although love is one of the top things anyone wants most in life, it’s not to say it comes easy. Love, even when you already have it, can be extremely confusing and an emotional roller coaster. Whether you’re looking for love, have love in your life that’s in trouble and you’re trying to save, or are looking to strengthen the love you already have, whatever you’re current situation may be with your love life, it can be a lot to take in.

However, there is a way that you can make approaching the love in your life a little easier. What’s one thing that can be a big help when it comes to the love in your life? A love reading of course! What is a love reading? A love reading answers all of your questions about love. If it’s answers, clarity and guidance you’re seeking, a love reading can help. It’s like a psychic reading, but focused solely on love to help get you the answers and direction you need.

So who is a love reading for and when would one get one? You can have a love reading done anytime you want and feel the need to dig into your love life for further insight and answers. No matter what your current love status is or situation you may be dealing with in your love life, a love reading can always help. However, I’ve put together this list of 5 times in your life that a love reading can be especially helpful in to help you determine if a love reading is something you definitely need right now.


Looking for Love

The quest for love is not an easy one. It’s somewhere we’ve all been at some point in our lives and most would agree is a real challenge. If you’re currently single and looking for love, a love reading is one of the best tools you could make use of. A love reading can help tell you where and how to find love, what’s holding you back from finding love, things to work on to increase your chances of finding love soon, and all in all, answer all of the questions you have when it comes to finding love.


Thinking About the Future of your Relationship

Are you currently in a relationship but have found yourself thinking a lot about the future of it lately? Questions like when or will he propose, is our relationship moving too fast or not fast enough, should we move in together… these are a few examples of the things you may be thinking about when it comes to the future of your relationship. If you find yourself with these questions, or similar ones, on your mind and you have a desire to see where your relationship is going and what the future of your relationship holds, a love reading can do just that for you.


Considering Going Back to an Ex

The relationship already failed once, or maybe more than once, but could it still have a chance to work out? Deciding whether or not to go back to an ex is one of the hardest decisions one could make. With all the questions and uncertainty that comes with the process of making that decision, a love reading is one of the best tools you could use to help gain some clarity and determine what to do. With the help of a love reading, you can get the answers to all of your questions and discover whether there is a future with your ex or not.


Suspicious of Being Cheated On

One of the scariest scenarios and worst situations you could end up in, no one wants to be in a position of being cheated on by their significant other. A nightmare no one wants part of their love life, yet unfortunately, sometimes happens in a relationship. Have you been suspicious lately about whether your boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband has been cheating on you? Are there little red flags you’ve been noticing and can’t seem to ignore or question? Get a love reading. A love reading can not only get you all of the answers to all questions you have about your relationship, but can answer the one big question that’s been on your mind lately… are they cheating on you?


Want to Strengthen Your Marriage

Regardless of whether your marriage is currently in a good or bad state, strengthening a marriage is always something you can focus on and do. Maybe you’re considering starting a family soon and want to make sure you strengthen your marriage first before having kids. Maybe you’ve lost some of that spark with each other over the years and want to get it back. Or maybe you’ve both been slowly distancing from one another and have been in a negative state lately that you want to fix. Whatever the situation may be, if you’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about wanting to strengthen your marriage, a love reading can help you uncover all of the ways you can strengthen it and what to work on to do so.



There you have it! If any of these 5 scenarios applies to your current love life or situation you’re in, get a love reading! However, remember, you don’t have to be in any one of these particular situations either to get one. If you have any questions at all about love or need guidance and clarity on your love life, then a love reading can help. I provide my love readings both in person at the shop, as well as over the phone, so go ahead and schedule a love reading with me today and get the answers you need!