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Black Tourmaline and Silver Crystal Bracelet



This piece was carefully handcrafted to create what is much more than a pretty bracelet, and something that actually encompasses elements for healing and chakra balancing.
The bracelet has a silver band that slides right onto your wrist, and incorporates pieces of black tourmaline crystal at both ends.

Black Tourmaline Crystal
Physical / emotional uses

Enhances the psychic protection of the body and Energy System, acting as a shield against negativity cleanse, purifies, and detoxifies the body and the energy field that surrounds it to realign the chakras. Black tourmaline creates a Clear Channel between the Earth (root chakra) and Heaven (crown chakra).

Healing effects
In layouts, place black tourmaline and hematite between the feet to anchor and ground a person’s energy during healing. Place an amethyst or Herkimer Diamond above the head to open the crown chakra to spiritual frequencies.

Personal uses
Simply wear or carry the black tourmaline to help you stay grounded and focused on the present moment and to Counter electromagnetic stress.


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