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They say “money can’t buy happiness”, however, although this is true, money can help solve a lot of problems, as well as help in ways to get us closer to achieving our dreams and obtaining some of our greatest desires; and although these things may not directly be happiness themselves, they are things that contribute to our happiness and overall quality of life. On the other side of things, success, in whatever shape or form it may take in your life, is also something we all strive after and gain happiness, new opportunities, and a strong sense of passion and positive outlook on life through.

Luckily, for those who believe in the power of healing crystals, there is a way to help attract money, success, and abundance into your life with them. You’ve likely thought about how to draw in more cash and attract the success and abundance you seek within your life. I’m here to tell you that there are various crystals and stones that are presumed to be magnets for these three things we all seek. Here is a breakdown of the most loved and depended on healing crystals for doing just that, and how you can use them to open up their success and cash attracting properties.


8 Crystals for Attracting Money, Success, and Abundance (and How to Use Them)



Green Aventurine has a notoriety for bringing opportunity. It’s known as ‘the card shark’s stone’ since it helps in increasing the karma with regards to monetary benefit. The most ideal approach to utilize this precious stone to bring you plenitude is to keep it in the dish where you hurl your spare change toward the night’s end. It will assist that container with growing full!



Citrine is a profound brilliant type of quartz. It’s occasionally alluded to as ‘the dealer’s stone’ in crystal gazing circles since it will in general carry success to business people and other sales reps.


Iron Pyrite

This is otherwise called ‘trick’s gold.’ You may think this is by all accounts a logical inconsistency. How could this be a precious stone to attract money as this stone alludes to deceit. One of the mystical properties of this stone is that it encourages the carrier not to be tricked by things and individuals that are guileful. It really shields you from being the trick, which helps you to be increasingly prosperous.



Like citrine, Jade is thought to bring karma and flourishing. This is another crystal that you can drop in your spare change dish or keep with your money related papers for an additional increase in positive vitality. It will adjust your aspiration with your sympathy. This crystal works with your heart chakra, to enable you to keep your longing for riches in offset with your own enthusiastic wants.



This is by a long shot our preferred stone. It’s effectively modified to any reason, and it amplifies the plan that you place inside it. Get a bit of clear quartz, one that has a solitary end.
You should put it over a bit of paper cash and put in a sheltered spot. You may even need to put the bill and the stone in a dish where the daylight can wash them with positive vitality.



Numerous precious stone references won’t list sodalite as perhaps the best gem to pull in cash, yet it is for this reason. Sodalite is purifying, and it will free you of what stands in your method for wealth and satisfaction. It’s called ‘the artist’s stone, and it will slice through any misdirection to discover reality.



This stone is loaded with the shades of daylight. Try not to mistake it for goldstone, however, which is made out of oxidized copper. Sunstone is all regular and is an extraordinary stone for infusing positive vitality into your wealth. It encourages you to free yourself of fears that you won’t have enough.


Tiger’s Eye

The stone Tiger’s eye comes in different colors. While they’re all wealth stones to some degree, it’s the brilliant tiger’s eye that has the most grounded impact. It grounds your vitality, improves your karma, and guarantees you that you can deal with whatever life tosses at you.


Whether it be for attracting money and success, or any other thing in your life that healing crystals have the power to help you with, using crystals is one of the best and most effective ways to improve many areas within your life. You can shop and find crystals, as well as crystal jewelry here to help you take the first step towards accomplishing whatever your goals may be! If you want even more help in addition to the power of crystals and seek to also get the answers to all of your questions about the future of your success and financial life, you can also schedule a psychic reading with me here. I provide both in person readings at the shop, as well as phone psychic readings to give me the ability to help out everyone, no matter where in the world you’re located! I’d love to help you out in every way I can and provide you with the guidance you seek to obtain the financial life you desire and goals for success you’re chasing!