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Aquarius zodiac astrology sign crystals for Aquarius

Are you an Aquarius? Ever wonder what, or even if, there are any specific crystals that are meant for you? When it comes to the countless numbers of amazing benefits that come with the many healing crystals that exist in this world, it may get confusing as to where to start and what specific crystals may be best suited for you. To help narrow down where to start and what crystals you may want to add to your shopping list next, I’ve put together this list of 6 crystals that are known to benefit Aquarius.


6 Healing Crystals for an Aquarius

1. Amethyst

For when it comes to moving into their new future, amethyst is a great crystal known to help Aquarians in determining the best course of action to take. Aside from the spiritual guidance it helps provide, Amethyst also helps with patience and reducing stress.


2. Aquamarine

Struggling with bottled up emotions and resentments that have been held for a long time? Aquamarine is a crystal for the throat chakra, and helps Aquarians to not only let go of those emotions and resentments, but also improve on communication as well.


3. Amber

Known for it’s cleansing capabilities, Amber is a great crystal for Aquarius to turn to for helping to heal the past and protect their future.


4. Moonstone

For helping to achieve emotional balance, Moonstone helps the Aquarius come back in touch with their emotions. It’s also well known to help with relaxation, dreams, intuition, and calming of the mind.


5. Emerald

Another crystal that is also good with helping to clear the mind, improve intuition and emotional balance, is Emerald. However, in addition to these benefits for Aquarius, Emerald also is known to help provide the motivation, creativity, and inspiration needed to forge a new path and future for oneself.


6. Rose Quartz

Lastly, a crystal I personally feel and believe all of us can benefit from regardless of whether you’re an Aquarius or not, Rose Quartz. Known as the crystal of love, rose quartz is a crystal that can help Aquarians build a deeper self love an understanding of themselves. It also can serve as an aid in helping get back in touch with emotions.


There you have it! Although these are just some of the crystals that are known to be very fitting for Aquarians, they are certainly some of the most well known and better ones for you to further explore and dive into using more of. Curious as to what other healing crystals can better benefit you as an individual and help within your certain life situations and standpoints? Schedule a psychic reading with me! I can help get you the answers you seek and guidance you need, as well as further advise you on what particular healing crystals can help you best based on your personal past, present and future. Schedule a phone or in person reading with me now, right here on my website in just a matter of minutes!