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Today is February 13th, which means tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! However you’ll be spending the day, whether you’re in a relationship or you’re single, one thing that we’ll all be thinking about throughout the day and that will be on everyone’s mind is love.

Single, married, in a good relationship or a bad one, recovering from a breakup… whatever your current situation is, we all have questions about love and the path our love life is headed down. With that being said, I got inspired to put together a list of questions about love to ask during a psychic reading for both those who are single and those in a relationship, as well as a few other general questions about love you may just end up wanting to know the answers to.


If You’re Single

Questions About Love to Ask During a Psychic Reading

  1. Will I meet someone soon?
  2. What can I do if I’m attracted to someone who isn’t attracted to me?
  3. How can I follow my heart?
  4. What can I do to attract Mr. / Mrs. Right?
  5. Are there new beginnings I should look for?
  6. What are some things I can do to find true love?
  7. Is the world trying to tell me something new about my love life?
  8. Can you show me the best path to love?
  9. What is my path to a happy and successful relationship?
  10. How can I attract the right person into my life?
  11. What is my path to getting married? (Will I get married? When will I get married?)
  12. How can I attract my future spouse into my destiny?
  13. Where should I look for love?
  14. How can I be more attractive or approachable?
  15. What can I do to find true love?
  16. What’s the best path for me to love?
  17. Will I get back together with my ex?
  18. What can I do to improve my love life?
  19. What kind of spouse should I look for?
  20. What is my heart trying to tell me?
  21. What negative things am I holding onto from previous relationships?


If You’re in a Relationship

Questions About Love to Ask During a Psychic Reading

  1. Are things serious between us?
  2. Am I just the rebound?
  3. Is he/she the one?
  4. Will my family like him/her?
  5. Will he/she be faithful to me?
  6. Do you see us getting married?
  7. Do you see us having children?
  8. Are they really just friends?
  9. Should I stick with him/her?
  10. Why is my relationship suffering?
  11. What meaning does my relationship have?
  12. In what ways am I limiting my relationship?
  13. What can the divine sources tell me about my current partner/relationship?
  14. I need guidance to heal my relationship. What can the divine tell me about this?
  15. Is my partner being trustworthy?
  16. What Can I Work On Personally To Bring Us Together More?
  17. What Blocks Can I Let Go Of From Previous Relationships That Might Be Shaping The Current Relationship?
  18. How Does My Partner Feel About Our Relationship Currently?
  19. Are Our Energies Compatible To Live Together?
  20. What Is The Overall Learning From This Relationship?
  21. Where does my relationship with my current partner stand?
  22. I need guidance to heal my current relationship. What should I do?
  23. How can I reconnect with my spouse?
  24. Is my relationship going to last?
  25. Am I with the right person?
  26. When will we get pregnant?
  27. How is this relationship adding value to my life?
  28. Will our marriage last or will it end in divorce?


General Questions About Love to Ask

  1. What should I know about my love life?
  2. How can I follow my heart?
  3. What new information would the universe want me to know about my love life?
  4. I’d like to know how I can follow my heart and achieve my highest good. What guidance do the spirit guides have for me?
  5. What can I do to improve my love life?
  6. What is my heart trying to tell me?


So there you have it, my list of questions about love to ask during a psychic reading! Although there are millions of different questions one could ask or seek the answer to about love, I hope the few I included in this list helped you think about some and figure out what you’d like to know the answers to in your love life.


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