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Have you ever found yourself wondering if you actually have clairvoyant abilities or not? Do some things you experience tend to point in the direction of clairvoyance but you often question the idea of it or are simply just unsure? Clairvoyance is an amazing gift that not very many are blessed with, and for those that are fortunate enough to experience the abilities that come with it, can truly benefit from all that it entails. So for those of you who don’t know or are unsure as what it actually means to be clairvoyant, let’s start off with a quick explanation of what it is.


Clairvoyance, in short summary, is basically the ability to see things clearly, both internally (within the mind) and externally around you. To possess clairvoyant abilities would be best defined as a gift of intuitive sight, where you’re able to see, sense, and feel the energies around you and within others, tap into knowledge of your soul (and the soul of others), and to attain the ability to make sense of your environment.

One thing to note is that clairvoyance isn’t always as “clear” or instantaneously made known as many would think. Meaning, that discovering whether one is actually clairvoyant or not is more times than not, actually a lot more subtle than what you’d imagine it being. Unraveling the truth behind attaining the gift of clairvoyance isn’t as dramatic as what you may see on television, and honestly, the signs of clairvoyance one may experience will often be extremely subtle and just brushed off as a coincidence or that it’s being imagined when these signs do occur.

That being said, if you have experienced strange occurrences and things that have made you question whether or not you possess clairvoyant abilities and would like to know whether you really are or not, then the following list of signs of clairvoyance will help you uncover the truth.


40 Signs You’re Clairvoyant

  1. You often find yourself daydreaming a lot.
  2. Aside from daydreams, when it comes to dreams at night, you experience vivid nocturnal dreams that deliver messages about your life to you through them.
  3. You have a good sense of direction – you’re basically like a human GPS!
  4. You are able to sense and feel energy in the room.
  5. You find you often have the ability to know when someone is lying about something, despite any lack of actual evidence you may have proving it.
  6. You can easily read people, in which you discover later on over time that those initial thoughts you had about them turn out to be spot on.
  7. You spend a lot of time thinking and/or writing. You have a very active, unquiet mind.
  8. You find that you generally feel drained after being with a large group of people, due to the overwhelming amount of feelings, emotion, and energies you sense from everyone around you.
  9. You know when a friend or loved one has had a bad day, despite the smile they may have on their face when you see them.
  10. Your internal instinct about people when meeting them is almost always right.
  11. Not only do you have a strong intuition about people, but even about places and situations too.
  12. You see flashes of light, colorful orbs, and experiences of blurred vision.
  13. Not only do you experience seeing flashing or colorful lights and orbs, but also shadows that move in the air.
  14. You’re super sensitive to your environment.
  15. You have a true gift for problem solving and the ability to not only visually see how to put things together, but actually know the best way to put the pieces together in all types of varying situations.
  16. During your childhood, you had imaginary friends, saw spirits and/or angels.
  17. You’re able to see auras around people- seeing glowing lights and colors around people.
  18. Random images and visualizations of things pop into your head when talking to someone.
  19. You’re very talented and creative in visual arts. Clairvoyants are often drawn to careers and hobbies that are visual and tied to creativity, examples of these would be graphic design, interior decorating, fashion design, landscaping and architecture, painting, drawing, and any/all other creative, visual hobbies and careers.
  20. You sometimes or often see things in the corner of your eye that will makes you do a double take and double check to see if you just saw someone.
  21. You appreciate and recognize the beauty in life.
  22. You have the ability to plan and envision things in your head.
  23. You have a very vivid imagination, one in which others will often even notice and comment on.
  24. During your meditations and while even on the yoga mat, you have had precognitive visions.
  25. You’re good at explaining things and coming up with descriptive metaphors.
  26. You play scenes in your mind while listening to conversations where you’re able to play it out and see it unfolding as it’s being discussed.
  27. When thinking or imagining about the future, you’re able to visualize and create scenes about it, ones in which are often very detailed.
  28. You’ve experienced external visions. These are very different from internal visions you experience or create in your mind, as external visions are ones that you see and that appear in your physical eye. *This is a sign you are very clairvoyant!
  29. You’ve experienced and have the ability to see ghosts and spirits around you.
  30. Not only have you seen spirits, but you also have had the ability to communicate with them.
  31. Often without knowing or being able to explain how, you KNOW the future and what’s going to happen. These experiences when you’re able to sense the future like this often will come to you instantly.
  32. You naturally are able to give advice to others that is extremely accurate and on point. You’re known as someone that others tend to turn to and seek advice and support from because of this.
  33. You experience visions where you see flashes of numbers, colors, and symbols in your head.
  34. You’ve found that you’re able to sense people’s stories when first meeting them and knowing details about their lives before even getting to know them.
  35. Not even just people in general that you may know, but even strangers often tend to be drawn in opening up to you and telling you things about their personal and intimate struggles.
  36. You sense and can notice the overall atmosphere of a room changing when someone new enters it.
  37. You often, more times than not, feel that people you’re first meeting look familiar or like someone you’ve met or known before.
  38. Aside from just constantly daydreaming and having vivid dreams at night, you actually find that your dreams often end up coming true.
  39. You love your alone time and it’s honestly just simply great. Not meaning that you’re necessarily an introvert (although a lot of clairvoyants still are), but view isolation more as something you treasure and feel as needed to get back to a state of relaxation and solitude more times than not.
  40. You have a strong sense of alert and can detect a feeling of warning when it comes to negative circumstances.