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It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year unlike any other for us across the globe. The coronavirus pandemic has spread internationally and has done nothing but cause negativity and bring bad to the world. However, it’s especially important in times like these to try and focus on the positive, see the brighter side of things. Although the coronavirus has caused so much devastation and problems for so many, there are still some key takeaway points that I think has come from all of this and has taught us all.


Meditation has never been more important

With all the negativity and negative energy that has come with the coronavirus pandemic it’s important that we make sure to pay attention to our own overall sense of well-being and happiness to stay positive during these tough times. One of the most important ways to keep our mind body and soul on the right track is through implementing meditation. Be sure to meditate at least one time a day if not more to help clear your mind and keep a positive energy flow as we all deal with the unfortunate events negativity and quarantining that has come from the coronavirus. With that being said, since most of us are quarantining and have been stuck at home there’s no better time to be meditating. Usually when we’re not quarantining in the world is going on in its normal ways we have the excuses of were too busy and have other things to do however now that we’re stuck at home and are limited on things to do meditation is a great way to spend your time.


Positive energy can go a long way

During tough times like these when it seems like everything is turned upside down down and there is so much bad in the world it’s more important than ever that we spread positive energy. Having a positive outlook can go a long way and surrounding yourself with positive energy is one of the most important things to help get ourselves through situations like this. Something as simple as doing a kind act for someone else a stranger went out in public can go along way and make someone else’s day better. Spreading positive energy and a positive mindset in anyway and every time we can is the secret to making things a little bit easier on not just ourselves, family and friends, but everyone else as well. You never know how far a little positivity could go for someone else. Make someone’s day with a little random act of kindness… and heck, even learning to smile more can make this world a little better of a place in good times and bad.


Maintaining our utmost health and overall well-being is extremely important

It’s always important to be healthy. However in times like these like the coronavirus pandemic it’s even more important than ever that our bodies are in a healthy overall good state. Maintaining our health and overall well-being is not only important but something that can easily be done through methods such as meditation and balancing of the chakras. To not only be healthy and stay healthy but during a pandemic such as the one we are currently in being healthy is what prevents ourselves from getting the virus and spreading the virus. A strong healthy body is a lot more likely to stand up to a virus or sickness of some sort in the event that you were to catch it so now more than ever make sure to continue balancing your chakras to maintain a well-balanced system and to implement meditation for overall well-being in within the mind body and spirit.


You never know what the future holds

The future can be unpredictable and we never know exactly what could be heading our way. Natural disasters pandemics and worldwide events of despair can and do happen on a daily basis. These are things we cannot always prepare ourselves for so with that being said it’s important that the takeaway here is that you should always focus on your future and what your future holds. Focusing on your future setting goals and always working towards a brighter future for yourself is all you can do to ensure you make it through tough times such as the coronavirus.

We are alone as individuals cannot control the future of the world or society. Although our actions and our work on things together as a whole can make a difference it all starts with focusing on yourself first.


It’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has been an unfortunate one with a lot of negative outcomes and lives lost. However it goes and said that there are some positive things that have come from this time. During the coronavirus pandemic it has allowed us to all look back evaluate reflect on our lives and how things are in the world. Some of these things being what I have listed here and this blog post. Take all of this information in my thoughts that I have shared and utilize it to come out from this pandemic stronger and more positive than before. However it’s important to remember that once this is all over we do not forget the lessons that we have learned from it stay positive spread positivity and positive energy throughout the world and society focus on yourself and your health and when tough times like this happen again one day you’ll find it easier to get through them then it was before.