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The power of meditation is a beautiful, amazing thing. If you don’t meditate or aren’t meditating enough, you’re truly missing out on a TON of amazing benefits that come from it! I, along with everyone else in the world that meditates, could go on and on telling you about how great it is and sharing our experiences with meditation. However, everyone is different in so many ways, therefore, just like most other things in life, our personal thoughts and experiences are going to differ from one another. Not everyone’s are going to be the exact same, but there is one thing that unlike each individual’s experiences, can’t be changed, and that’s the facts. Facts are facts and that’s it, they can’t be changed or argued with and that’s one of the great things about them. That being said, to help show and communicate all of the magnificence that comes with meditation and the true power behind it, I’ve compiled this list of meditation facts! From random fun facts to health and wellness facts and everything else in between, these meditation facts are sure to surprise!


Surprising Facts About Meditation

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Interesting Meditation Fun Facts

♦ The word “meditation” is from the Proto-Indo European root “*med-,” meaning “take appropriate measures.”

♦ The 2nd most popular mind and body practice in the US is meditation, with yoga being #1 and a visit to the chiropractor being #3.

♦ Meditation is taking flight! Meditation rooms are now being introduced in many US airports, including the San Diego International Airport.

♦ It’s not just the airports either, airlines are jumping in on meditation as well! To help reduce stress, American Airlines now offers their passengers the Calm meditation app in flight.

♦ Monks are able to raise the temperature of their fingers and toes by as much as 17 degrees Fahrenheit during deep meditation.

♦ Famous actor Will Smith has a meditation lounge that he built inside of his home.


Facts About Children and Meditation

♦ The number of children meditating has increased by more than 800% since 2012.

♦ Expecting a little one on the way? Meditation while pregnant can actually help you bond better with your unborn baby!

♦ Have a child with ADHD? Meditation can reduce ADHD symptoms in children.

♦ In fact, meditation can improve test scores by improving concentration levels in students.


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Health and Wellness Meditation Facts

♦ The #1 reason people take up meditation is general wellness.

♦ You know what’s proven to slow the aging process? Meditation!

♦ Suffer from lower back pain? Research has shown meditation can help relieve it.

♦ Fight back against the flu and other illnesses with meditation, as it helps strengthen your immune system.

♦ For the ladies out there struggling with PMS, meditation can be your solution.

♦ Meditation has a positive impact on chronic pain.

♦ You can get help delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease with meditation.

♦ Suffer from depression? Meditation helps reduce the symptoms.

♦ Struggling with your weight? Meditation actually helps with weight management too!

♦ Regular meditation reduces stress… something I think we all could use!

♦ You can literally change your brain with meditation to improve concentration and memory!

♦ Have problems sleeping? Meditation can help you sleep better.

♦ Meditation actually fights aging in all regions of the brain.

♦ Suffer from anxiety? Reduce distracting thoughts with just 10 minutes a day of mindfulness meditation.


Don’t some of these facts just blow your mind?! Meditation is such an amazing thing and big part of my life, that I just had to put together a list of the actual facts to show why. If you aren’t currently meditating, these meditation facts should be evidence enough as to why you need to start!