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As parents, we all think our children are special. However, have you ever wondered if your child is uniquely special? In a sense that they may be blessed with a gift that goes beyond what many others attain, such as your child having special abilities? If so, there’s a very strong possibility your child may be psychic. If you’ve ever noticed anything your child has said or does, or any particular traits they may carry that caught your attention and left you wondering about certain things, these could actually be signs you have a psychic child. I’ve put together a list of 22 signs you may have a psychic child, so read on and see if this sounds like your little one!


Signs of a Psychic Child

  1. Signs you have a psychic child image of little boy child's imagination in space holding planet and light shining through handThey tend to have very vivid dreams or nightmares.
  2. Bed time doesn’t come easy… they generally don’t want to go to bed or have trouble sleeping.
  3. Other children make fun of your child for being “weird” and your child tends to feel isolated by other kids.
  4. Despite their young age and little time spent so far in life on this planet, your child is extremely wise and always wants to share their insights and perspectives on things.
  5. Your child is highly sensitive, not only just emotionally, but physically as well.
  6. They’re sensitive to other people, places, and things.
  7. They have an imaginary friend, or even in some cases, have more than one and talk of multiple imaginary friends.
  8. Ever notice your child’s mood change as quick as flipping a light switch, yet without much of a reason behind it? Unexplained mood swings can be a sign your child is psychic.
  9. Your child is very spiritually connected, claiming to see, talking about, and being very curious in angels, spirit guides, and/or ascended masters such as Jesus, Buddha, or any others that they haven’t been introduced to.
  10. They have a very vivid sense of imagination and are extremely creative.
  11. Believe it or not, even separation anxiety, as well as other certain people making them nervous are signs your child may be psychic.
  12. Unlike many children today who are constantly en-captured by today’s modern technology and glued to their screens, your child is a true nature lover, and loves spending time outside, in and surrounded by nature.
  13. Deriving from their love for nature, they’re deeply attracted to animals, plants, and of course, a true tell tale sign… crystals!
  14. Energy leaves them overwhelmed… they may also be prone to fatigue, headaches, and anxiety.
  15. They fear the dark.
  16. They have a fear of being alone.
  17. They are very easily distracted, yet still incredibly intelligent.
  18. Have any deceased loved ones in your family? If your child talks about or is curious about them, or makes claims of being able to actually see them, then this could be more than simply missing a loved one that has passed. Often these being people they have never met, if this is the case, then this could actually be a sign they may be psychic.
  19. They experience unexplained occurrences such as hearing things, seeing flashes of light, or any other strange experiences they may mention.
  20. They claim they are able to see colors, auras, or spirits around people.
  21. Memories of a past life, this is a biggie. If your child talks of places they remember but have never been to or of memories that aren’t from their lifetime and that they shouldn’t have, then this is an even further sign of your child’s psychic gift.
  22. Not only does your child seem to take on the challenges and pain of others, but also shows signs of feeling drawn to help heal others. Some children may even place their hands on you or others as an intention to promote healing.


Keep in mind, there are many signs that your child may be psychic and such signs are not limited to just those in the list above. Just like adults, all children are different, therefore, all experiences and signs of psychic abilities are going to vary and differ from child to child. However, I will say, that this list I put together of signs your child is psychic are strong indicators your child very well may be psychic.

If you suspect your child is psychic, don’t be afraid or worried. This is a gift, a beautiful thing that should be embraced and that will open up a whole other world for your child throughout their entire life. If you believe your child is psychic and want to gain further insight, schedule a reading with me! I’d love to help you further explore this, as well as any and all other aspects within your life you seek insight and guidance on. I offer both phone and in person readings, so no matter where you’re located in the world, I can help!